Photo of Pat Rota by Andre Moore

Paramita can be summarized as the cultivation of perfection; you could say it means to always be working. Action with insight, sharing, patience, positive energy; encompasses what Paramita means to us.

An abandoned house with no hot water, speaker wires taped to the floor, and no budget. Paramita Sound opened in 2014 in the historic West Village neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan.

Founded by Andrey Douthard, the business gained major traction with regular music programming, most notably The Beat Profile. Detroit's most progressive producers were showcased on the last Friday of each month for three years. From the city’s OG’s to unheard talent, the profile opened its arms to everyone. Always free, always inclusive, and always a lot of fucking fun. These events became an institution on the city’s entertainment radar, regularly attended by hundreds of kids.

After three transformative years in our original location on Detroit’s East Side, Paramita Sound had the chance to reclaim the legendary downtown 1515 Broadway space that had formerly been a central hub for the local Detroit music scene since the early 1980s.

After being temporarily closed due to the pandemic in 2020, the last 18 months have been spent peeling back the layers of the last 6 years of work. This profound look at ourselves has brought us to the future of Paramita, where you are right now - our portal.

A portal into Detroit’s music.

1515 Broadway is our physical listening/exchange space. Here we offer artists and DJ’s a place to perform, where brands, record labels & winemakers can connect deeper with our shared audiences. Most importantly, an access point to maintain and build new personal connections in a space deeply rooted in Detroit’s past and present music history. is a digital exploration space. It is a portal into the core of Detroit’s music subculture. This multidimensional platform gives us the ability to share and commune. We will broadcast a consistent stream of sounds and stories that have and continue to shape the landscape of the music mecca.


The power of Detroit’s music comes from its breadth and its history of decadence. Experienced elders and the raw talent of our youth continue to create undeniable energy of resiliency, joy, aggression and hope in a city too often known to leave its own behind. We bring souls together.

Deep shared experiences, reclaiming narratives, holding spaces to gather, and supporting our own are essential to elevating Detroit’s musical influence. It is a priority to create more opportunities for Detroit’s creative communities to monetize their own culture. We aim to help support the spread of our city’s influence to the world as bridge builders, not gatekeepers.

Ultimately music is our love; it heals us, nurtures us, and we want to share its powers with others.